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Cheap kitchens don't have to be poor kitchens

Chris Turnbull

Cheap kitchens don't have to be poor kitchens

Unsurprisingly in today’s tough economic climate, every customer we’re lucky enough to talk to is after the best-priced new kitchen they can find for their hard-earned money.   I choose the phrase ‘best-priced kitchen’ rather than ‘cheap kitchen’ because, having seen three clients this week each one has had a view in terms of what the term means but all are still looking for the best quality that their budget will stretch to.

We’ve always prided ourselves on – and never been prepared to compromise – the quality of our cabinets which, unlike most of our competitors’, are 18mm thick all the way around including the backs and drawer bases and not just the sides.  Similarly, with whatever type of worktop a customer selects we look to offer the best quality we can because we know that, otherwise, they’ll invariably have to replace cheaper ones in a few years’ time.

And doors – being a big part of the budget of every kitchen – are always a debating point for customers.  Real wood, painted or not, and even good PVC doors aren’t cheap whatever style you want.  And so, because we don’t live and trade in the world that we did before the current economic situation took hold, we’ve decided to provide a quote for a simple, versatile PVC-edged MFC door in order to meet a customer’s budget.

The doors are good quality and make a great lower cost slab door option for customers who are on a tight budget.  The 2mm edging is great and can be mixed and matched with the door fronts for a truly different look.  Okay, they lack the ability to be glazed or curved as the higher spec ones can be but that doesn’t matter at the budget priced end of the market.

Which means we have a chance to win a new customer – and hopefully many more like them – that we might otherwise have lost.

New kitchens are a big investment and not something you want to be replacing every few years.  But our advice to anybody looking for a ‘cheap’ kitchen would be to ensure the design is what you want, your ‘foundations’, the cabinets, are good, strong and of a standard size and buy the doors your budget will allow.

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