Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen flooring needs to have that wow factor but also withstand heavy wear. We can help you choose wisely to ensure it remains as good looking and lasts as long as your kitchen.

Kitchen flooring has to deliver on two levels – it needs to look great; but it also has to withstand a battering of knocks, spills, scratches and stains from the pounding it receives on a daily basis.

The heart of your kitchen lies in its foundations, and at the core of these foundations is the floor. So, it goes without saying, that choosing the right kitchen flooring surface is not only critically important but an investment in the lasting quality and beauty of your culinary space. If you have the budget, compromising on a new floor is a completely false economy, a pitfall that we would urge you to sidestep.

Flooring choices are as diverse as they are essential, ranging from the rustic charm of natural stone, the sleek elegance of tiles, the warm earthiness of wood, the contemporary appeal of concrete, to innovative materials like porcelain, Amtico, Karndean, and linoleum. Each option brings its unique flavor, durability, and feel, and within each category, the variations are vast and nuanced.

Navigating these endless possibilities can prove not just challenging but overwhelming. That’s why we don’t just offer options; we provide tailored solutions. By partnering with locally based, trusted flooring professionals, Superior Finish, who boast years of practical experience, we ensure that you receive advice that’s as honest as it is insightful.

Choosing the perfect floor isn’t merely about what catches the eye. It’s about creating harmony with the rest of your kitchen, from the units to the worktops. Contrast and complement textures and colors, reflect your lifestyle needs, and align with the design’s overall vision. All these decisions should be made right at the outset of your kitchen planning process to forge a cohesive and functional design.

And the considerations extend beyond aesthetics. If you’re considering the modern comfort of underfloor heating, material choice becomes crucial. While wood lends a classic charm, it may not always be suitable for this heating method. Porcelain or stone tiles often work best, offering both elegance and functionality.

But fear not; our dedicated team is here to guide you every step of the way. We take the time to understand your unique preferences, needs, and budget, mapping out a plan that’s as individual as you are. Our hand-in-hand collaboration with Superior Finishes ensures that your choices are not just beautiful but wise, reflecting a blend of timeless appeal and forward-thinking innovation.

Accompany your designer on a visit to Superior Finishes showroom, and you’ll find inspiration at every turn. Feel the textures, see the colours, and visualise how different materials will transform your space. Allow them and us to demystify the process and turn it into a creative adventure, where your imagination is the limit, and quality is guaranteed.

In the end, the right kitchen flooring does more than complete your kitchen; it elevates it, setting the tone for a space where form meets function, beauty meets practicality, Trust us to help you choose the right floor for you

Benefits of porcelain

Porcelain tiles have historically proved to be the most hard wearing for pretty obvious reasons. They are easy to clean, scratchproof, stain resistant and waterproof. That is why they are increasingly becoming a popular choice in modern kitchens.

Think before looking

Identify your attitude to kitchen floor before you start searching for options. Do you want that clinical, clean, slick look or do you want it to feel more lived in with natural flaws? How much time do you want to spend cleaning it?

Wood is warmer and softer

Your choice of kitchen flooring could also be determined by both the size and flexibility of your space. If your kitchen is essentially an extended living area, you may prefer to opt for a wooden floor to create a sense of warmth and visual appeal.

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