Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances need to deliver on a practical level but also look great in your new design. There is a huge range of styles in different finishes.

Modern kitchen appliances are all designed to both look stunning and deliver great performance. The market is hot with dozens of leading brand manufacturers continually seeking to outdo one another with their design and performance.

As ever, the starting point when choosing your kitchen appliances is to consider which you want, the space you have available, the look you want to create, and how much you want to spend.

Budget will narrow down the mind-boggling options initially; then you need to think about the look and space and of course the essential appliances you need in your new kitchen – oven, induction hob, fridge freezer, dishwasher and microwave? And, increasingly these days, what’s going to cost you less to run by being the most energy efficient and cheapest to run.

Does your washing machine and dryer need to be in your kitchen or is there a utility room where it would work better? Everything revolves around how you want your space to work for you and your personal priorities.

Appliances inevitably come in a range of styles and colours – freestanding or built-in; colourful or sleek stainless steel? The choice is yours. At Nicholas Hythe our specialists can give you as many options as you want – and will offer as much guidance as we can without making the decision for you.

We hold the coveted 5* NEFF MasterPartners® status.  This means we’re one of the few elite kitchen designers with specialist expertise in designing your perfect kitchen using NEFF appliances. However, we also offer ranges from many other manufacturers including Siemens, Bosch, Rangemaster, Miele and AEG to name just a few

As approved specialists, our showroom is home to their latest range ready for you to put through its paces. We’re real NEFF experts, all extensively trained to ensure you get the most out of every NEFF product. That means you can experience innovations like the unique Slide&Hide® disappearing door, CircoTherm® technology which allows you to evenly cook completely different dishes at one time, using all oven levels, without any intermingling flavours, or the new Venting Hob for seamless cooker-top extraction.


Additional accessories and appliances

Kitchens can be enhanced further with additional accessories and appliances such as wine coolers; built in coffee machines; warming drawers; sous vide ovens; waste bins and so on. Much depends again on both space and priorities.

Dishwashers – yes or no…?

Only about 35 per cent of UK homeowners have a dishwasher. Yet this appliance is perhaps one of the most time saving pieces of technology in a kitchen. Modern versions include smaller ones, co functions and better drying facilities. Definitely worth considering if space allows.

Staying cool

Modern families come in all shapes and sizes; if there are only one or two of you and you eat out a lot or you shop little and often, an under-worktop fridge and freezer may provide all your cooling requirements. If your family extends to children and other family members and you cook regularly, you will probably need a bigger appliance.

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