Kitchen Lighting

Lighting makes a massive difference to the overall impact of your new kitchen – it needs to be both practical but needs to create the right ambience.

There is little doubt that choosing the right lighting for your new kitchen can make a massive difference – improving usability, safety, look and feel. Some people end up having too much, too little or the wrong type.

At Nicholas Hythe Kitchen Design Studio, we believe your kitchen is more than just a cooking area—it’s the heart of your home. We recognise that every culinary masterpiece or casual family dinner starts with an environment that inspires you. And guess what? The spotlight (quite literally) is on lighting design.

Before we sketch a single cabinet or pick out countertops, we sit down with you to understand exactly how you envision using your new kitchen. Why? Because the right lighting doesn’t just illuminate your space; it elevates your entire kitchen experience. Our team of seasoned designers don’t just consider lighting an afterthought; we see it as a central element, as crucial as the layout or appliances, in transforming your kitchen into a living space brimming with character.

Let’s delve into the nuts and bolts, shall we? When it comes to kitchen lighting, one size doesn’t fit all. You need a multi-layered approach to address different needs.

Firstly, let’s talk task lighting. Ever tried to dice an onion and found yourself squinting in the shadow of your own hand? With task lighting strategically installed under wall cabinets, those days are history. This focused illumination makes sure you can safely handle knives, read recipes, and perform all those kitchen acrobatics without breaking a sweat—or worse, cutting a finger.

On the flip side, we have ambient lighting. This is the maestro that orchestrates the whole mood of the room. Whether you want a softer glow for a romantic dinner or an energised aura for a family gathering, ambient lighting is your go-to. It softens hard lines, banishes unwelcome shadows, and creates a cosy, inviting atmosphere. You’re not just preparing food; you’re crafting an experience.

Here’s where the magic happens: kitchens have evolved into multi-functional spaces, doubling up as dining rooms, offices, or even impromptu dance floors! Modern LED lighting allows you to switch between these roles at the tap of a button. Hosting a movie night? Dim those lights. Kids doing homework at the kitchen island? Crank them up. Best of all, LED lights are incredibly energy-efficient, so you can change the vibe without worrying about your carbon footprint or your electricity bill skyrocketing.

So let us light up your culinary world and set the stage for the way you want to live. Trust us; once you see your kitchen in the right light, you’ll wonder how you ever lived any other way.



Plan lighting at the outset

Lighting needs to be considered at the start of any kitchen design plan. Lighting experts advise on layering the effects so you have one area for working; another for dining and atmosphere and then a wow factor feature.

No kitchen ceiling lights…?

Sometimes, installing ceiling lights can be problematic depending on the height of your ceilings – but with the modern range of spotlights, down lighters, uplighters and LED strips now available placed in strategic places, kitchens can look stunning without them.

Benefits of LED lighting

LED lighting has transformed the market. They tend to be more expensive than traditional options but they last longer, are more energy efficient and much kinder to the environment. And they now come in an imaginative array of shapes and sizes – perfect for your kitchen.

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