The safety of a project can easily be forgotten in the excitement of having any property maintenance undertaken.  But, for us, it is the most important consideration given the potential for accident that could kill or seriously injure clients, our employees or subcontractors. Proper consideration and the management of safety has to be properly considered before and throughout the completion of your renovation

Safety: The Regulations

When you embark on a home improvement project, such as installing a new kitchen, you’re not just enhancing your space—you’re also engaging with legal responsibilities under the Construction, Design and Management Regulations 2015. Fortunately, as a domestic client of Nicholas Hythe, these duties transfer to us, your main contractor, ensuring that your project is managed with the utmost attention to safety. Choosing a contractor with the right skills and experience is crucial. They are responsible for planning, managing, and monitoring the construction to ensure it is carried out safely. This not only minimises potential risks but also guarantees that your renovation will meet the highest standards of safety and quality. Whoever you pick for your project, please make sure to select a team that values your safety and satisfaction as much as you do.

Our commitment to safe systems of work

Nicholas Hythe is unapologetic in its commitment to safety both within our own business but also on site in clients’ homes.  We have a wide range of regularly updated risk assessments and safe systems of work covering all aspects of the company’s business, including at both our premises, driving to and from clients’ homes and whilst on-site.

Our employees undergo regular training – provided by external consultants or in-house – to ensure that they’re not only safe whilst at work, but understand the need for safety in whatever role they perform

Recruitment & Employment checks

We have a detailed policy regarding the Recruitment & Employment of Ex-Offenders which we use non-discriminatorily to assess an applicant’s suitability for a position for which they’ve applied. We undertake criminal record checks (processed through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)), to comply fully with the code of practice and ensure we treat all applicants for positions fairly. As such, all employees who potentially meet with customers face-to-face, are required to undergo a DBS check so that clients may be reassured of the character of the people they’re letting into their homes

Safety starts before work begins

The design of your kitchen has to comply with the standards required by the Construction, Design and Management Regulations 2015. Every design is checked at least three times by at least two senior managers in our business.  This not only ensures it will fit and that the correct parts are ordered but also that the resultant works proposed will be safe in the long-term and meet home insurers’ requirements.

On-site safety management

In order to comply with on-site requirements, the most important person in our team is the project manager. He is responsible for identifying and assessing the risks and liaising with the designers and contractors before and during every project, ensuring the design agreed is practical and can be implemented safely. Ours, Jim Marsh, has deep knowledge of the kitchen renovation safety requirements a project demands, having been responsible for building new homes in a previous role.

Jim is Construction Industry Training Board assessed, having taken and passed their demanding Site Management Safety Training Scheme. He’s also trained in asbestos awareness, having passed UKATA’s non-licensable work with asbestos course

For jobs where we’re asked to undertake building works we will also liaise with structural engineers and Building Control so that you can be reassured that the work is undertaken to the satisfaction of insurance providers

Contractor Safety

Most of our contractors have worked with us for many years, so we’re able to vouch for their knowledge, skills and experience to undertake the work we provide safely.  And, where we appoint a new contractor, we ask them to complete a detailed questionnaire in order to assess and evaluate their safety management systems before allowing them to work on Nicholas Hythe sites.

This assessment requires them to complete a safety questionnaire is designed to validate that they have the necessary skills and qualifications, are fully certified, hold memberships of safety groups and/or trade associations and that they have the required insurances.They’re are also required to prove that any required qualifications are up-to-date and are subject to continuous safety assessments by our project manager


When it comes to revamping your kitchen, many homeowners find themselves tempted to assume the role of the project manager. The notion of saving money and maintaining complete control over the process can be enticing. However, self-management of a kitchen installation carries several disadvantages that can quickly transform your dream project into a nightmare.

Embarking on the journey of planning a kitchen in either a ‘Today Home’ or a ‘Forever Home’ creating the right kitchen presents a unique set of considerations and choices. We excel in creating bespoke kitchens that perfectly cater to your current lifestyle, whether you’re setting up in a temporary residence or investing in the home of your dreams.

Balancing Act: Weighing the Pros and Cons of Open Plan Kitchens

Open plan kitchens have become a prominent trend in the past few years.  However, this popular style does not come without its share of advantages and potential disadvantages. Click the link to read what they are

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