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Sometimes, one of the best ways to maximise the potential space available for a new kitchen is to reconfigure the room.  That may mean some building works are required such as knocking down walls to create a larger kitchen living area, building an extension or opening up inaccessible areas of the kitchen.

Our comprehensive design and installation service extends to include all necessary building works to bring your dream kitchen to life. Working alongside skilled local tradesmen, we can project manage a variety of building tasks as part of our end-to-end project management service. This ensures that every phase of the renovation is seamlessly integrated and timed to minimise disruption, allowing for a smooth and efficient transformation.

Our kitchen design team is skilled in reimagining spaces to fully utilise their potential. This often involves a range of building modifications such as removing or constructing walls to open up or better define kitchen areas, updating or adding windows and skylights to boost natural lighting, and repositioning doors to improve flow and accessibility. Additionally, we might redesign or relocate larders and utility rooms to optimise storage and functional space in the kitchen.

For example, if a kitchen feels cramped or closed-off, we might suggest knocking down a non-load-bearing wall to create an open-plan layout that integrates the kitchen with living areas. Alternatively, if natural light is lacking, we might propose adding new windows or expanding existing ones to brighten the space. Each modification is carefully planned and executed to not only meet structural requirements but also to enhance the aesthetic and functional quality of your kitchen.

By undertaking these building adjustments, we prepare the space thoroughly before installing your new kitchen, ensuring that the end result is a perfectly tailored and highly functional kitchen that aligns with your lifestyle and preferences.

Builders are often happy to refurbish bathrooms but hesitate to tackle kitchens, primarily due to the complexity and specialised skills kitchen projects demand.

Not compromising on quality and safety for the sake of speed means the importance of allowing screed and plaster to fully cure cannot be overstated – it’s a step that significantly influences the durability, integrity, and safety of the renovation.

So many more kitchens now double up as the main living space in a home. That means working areas; benches; lighting; areas for eating, chatting and enjoying a coffee as well as cooking. This is modern living.

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