Full Project Management

From any building works through to worktop templating and installation, we offer an end-to-end, creative kitchen design and fully project-managed installation service unmatched by any of our competitors

Buying a new kitchen is complex but our fully project managed kitchen design and installation service can make the process that much easier.

At Nicholas Hythe, Cambridgeshire’s only Trading Standards approved kitchen designers and installers, we are committed to transforming the process of renovating your kitchen, utility, or home office into an experience that is as simple, efficient, safe, and stress-free as possible. Our Operations team play a central role in this transformation, ensuring that our clients’ dreams come true.

Planning and coordination:

A typical day for our Operations team starts with meticulous planning and coordination. After the contract is signed, they engage with the client to comprehend their requirements and provide answers to any queries. They also conduct a detailed inspection of the space to recheck measurements and assess the timeline of the project, keeping the operations team and contractors updated.

Contractor coordination:

Our project managers also act as leaders, skilfully guiding multiple teams, which may include plumbers, electricians, decorators, fitters, and more. By ensuring seamless communication among all contractors, they ensure that everyone works together harmoniously, stays on schedule, and addresses any challenges that may arise promptly.

Quality Assurance:

Quality assurance is another critical aspect of their work. They are responsible for maintaining the high standards that we set for every kitchen installation project. Regular inspections and quality checks are conducted to identify and resolve any potential issues at an early stage. This vigilance helps minimise delays and prevents costly reworks.

Health & Safety:

Our emphasis on health and safety compliance is unwavering. Our team guarantees that all contractors follow health and safety regulations and have the required certifications. They provide safety advice to clients and carefully review contractors’ safety measures, including the use of protective equipment, to minimise the risk of accidents and injuries. This focus on safety ensures that both the contractors and the client’s family are protected throughout the project.


Problem-solving is a skill that our team excel in. They are always ready to address any unexpected issues that may arise during the project. With their ability to quickly assess situations and devise practical solutions, they play a crucial role in keeping the project on track.

Open Communication:

Transparent and open communication with our clients is a core principle at Nicholas Hythe. Our team provide regular updates, address any concerns, and manage expectations effectively.

Buying a new kitchen is complex but our fully project managed kitchen design and installation service can help to relieve the pressure. The multi-faceted responsibilities of our Operations team is indispensable in achieving successful project outcomes. From planning and coordination to quality assurance, safety compliance, problem-solving, and client communication, their expertise ensures that each project is executed with precision and care.



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Free kitchen design visit

Nicholas Hythe offers a free kitchen design visit to help you visualise the possibilities from the available space in your home.

Professional on laptop designing

Full project management

Avoid the hassle of managing different tradesmen by using Nicholas Hythe Kitchens to design and install your new kitchen from start to finish.

Choosing colours for your kitchen

Free kitchen design check service

Renovating your kitchen is a significant investment, and ensuring that it’s both well-designed and offers great value for money is crucial. We recognise the excitement and understand the fears you’ll be having of the decision you’re about to make, which is why we provide a no-obligation, free competitors’ kitchen design check. This service is there to offer you peace of mind by eliminating any concerns you may have about potential design flaws, quality or overspending on that dream kitchen.

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Small building works

Reconfiguring your available space can open up all sorts of possibilities. That is why Nicholas Hythe can facilitate small building works as part of its kitchen design and installation service.

Waste removal

Waste removal

Removing your old kitchen and disposing of it responsibly is very important to us at Nicholas Hythe Kitchens. We only work with contractors who recycle responsibly.


The safety of a project can easily be forgotten in the excitement of having any property maintenance undertaken.  But, for us, it is the most important consideration given the potential for accident that could kill or seriously injure clients, our employees or subcontractors. Proper consideration and the management of safety has to be properly considered before and throughout the completion of your renovation

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