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DIY install self-fit kitchens – a better way

Chris Turnbull

DIY install self-fit kitchens – a better way

Are you looking to DIY install or self-fit your new kitchen, perhaps as a lockdown project? 

Nicholas Hythe Kitchen Design has supplied hundreds of DIY install self-fit kitchens to homeowners or their designated fitters. So, we know, fitting a new kitchen yourself can be a daunting prospect, even if you’re a confident DIY-er.

So, we’re here to help if you decide you want a better designed, higher quality kitchen than you can buy from other suppliers.  And, with all the back up from one of Cambridgeshire’s leading designers and installers

Why choose us?  

It’s because we’ll will work with you from the outset and be there for you throughout your project should you need us.  Our highly competitive pricing isn’t just for the supply of your order, but for all the support you may need to complete your project.  So,, our complete self-fit kitchen service makes it easier for you or your fitter to design and install your own dream kitchen easier, quicker and less stressful to fit!

Our DIY install self-fit kitchen service includes:


At Nicholas Hythe, our aim is to make the property renovation process as simple, efficient, safe and stress free for clients wanting to improve their family’s home. So, if you’re inspired and ready to start the process of buying a new kitchen, start thinking about what it might look like and how you want to use it. Ask yourself, what do you need and want for it to function for you and your family?  If you need help on deciding what style to go for, check out kitchen designs that never go out of style. Advice and design ideas are also found all over the Web, including Nicholas Hythe kitchen pictures gallery, our entire picture library and customer reviews on Google, and many other sites such as PinterestHouzz. Or check out our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

Then when you’re ready, why not book an appointment with us, free and with no-obligation?