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New Kitchen Planning: The Importance of a Thorough Survey

Chris Turnbull

New Kitchen Planning: The Importance of a Thorough Survey

When it comes to designing your dream kitchen, the journey often starts with a vision—an idea of what you want your new fitted kitchen to look like. But transforming that vision into reality requires meticulous planning and an attentive ear to your unique needs. This highlights the importance of a thorough survey when planning your new kitchen. Every retailer will offer a ‘free home survey’ but, other than the obvious reason for needing to see the space, you may wonder about the purpose of such a visit. Many companies will just send a surveyor to take the necessary measurements. They’ll then pass these back to whomever is designing your kitchen. Others may send a salesperson whose real purpose is to sell you the company or have you sign a pre-agreement in order to progress to the design stage.

This is where Nicholas Hythe Kitchen Design Studio sets itself apart. Because our aim is to make the home renovation process as simple, efficient, safe and stress free for clients looking to improve their home, our survey is designed to take this essential first step to a whole new level and, therefore the we truly understand the importance of a thorough survey when planning your new kitchen. So, let’s delve into how our survey differs, including what and why and how we do this pivotal first step in your new kitchen journey.

Understanding your requirements

Obviously!  We believe that each kitchen should be as distinctive as the family that uses it. Our free home survey serves as the gateway to understanding your specific needs, lifestyle, and spatial constraints. This allows us to design a kitchen that’s tailored just for you. Meeting you in your home allows us to identify requirements that need to be built into the design. For example, wall cabinets may need to be placed lower for the vertically challenged users so that they can fully access all parts of their cabinets. Right up front, this gives you the chance to assess whether you are comfortable with – and can trust us – to undertake your renovation.

Efficient Planning

The process of installing a new kitchen is intricate and multi-layered. Even the smallest oversight can lead to costly errors and delays. A comprehensive home survey lays the crucial groundwork for efficient project execution, minimising disruptions, and unexpected hiccups. This element is so crucial that, after the contract has been signed – and on the basis ‘measure twice, cut once’ – we send a senior manager out to check the specifications to ensure the kitchen will fit as designed so that the components to be ordered are correct first time and avoiding delays in completing your installation. Not doing so and having to wait for replacement parts and subcontractor availability can add weeks to the installation.

Clear Expectations

Transparency is the cornerstone of any successful project. Our home survey helps in establishing clear expectations, ensuring both parties are on the same page regarding timelines and deliverables, so that a design can be created that meets a client’s expectations, avoid unattainable expectations, present you with appropriate choices and maximise value for your budget.

What Makes our Surveys Better

Expert Consultation

At Nicholas Hythe, we’re proud to say that our designers are not merely ‘surveyors’ but experienced industry professionals. They offer a treasure trove of expertise ranging from material selection to spatial design and even the psychology of colour.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Accurate measurements are the lifeblood of any design project. Our team goes above and beyond to record precise dimensions, ensuring a snug fit for your appliances, cabinets, and countertops. Imagine not allowing for any plastering that needs to be done and realising that the kitchen doesn’t fit when it comes to installation

3D Mock-ups

Imagine walking through your dream kitchen before even a single nail has been hammered. Our 3D mock-ups allow you to experience your kitchen virtually, giving you the confidence to make informed choices. Our state-of-the-art computer-aided design software need your kitchens dimensions to create a lifelike 3D model offering an unprecedented level of detail and accuracy

Detailed Estimates

Transparency extends to the financial aspect as well. After the survey, we provide an itemised quotation fully-based on what was agreed at the survey and in any subsequent conversations, allowing you to make informed decisions without any hidden surprises.

Benefits That Speak Volumes

Risk Mitigation

The phrase “give me an hour to chop down a tree and I’ll spend 45 minutes sharpening my axe” couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to kitchen design. Preparation is the absolute key! Which is why our team meticulously scrutinises every inch of your space to identify potential challenges or obstacles. This could be anything from awkward corners that might hinder cabinet doors to identifying the best location for electrical outlets. We document these potential hurdles upfront, which allows us to design solutions well in advance. This proactive approach minimises unexpected delays and additional costs, offering a seamless, stress-free installation process.

Maximising Utility

Kitchens are no longer just a place for cooking; they’re the epicentre of the home. Whether you use it for dining, socialising, or even as a makeshift office, the kitchen needs to serve multiple roles. During our home survey, we listen to how you use your kitchen daily. By integrating this understanding into the design, we ensure that the final product isn’t just beautiful but also supremely functional. Whether it’s a custom island with built-in dining or clever storage solutions for your appliances, maximising utility is always at the forefront of our designs.


The old adage, “Well begun is half done,” rings particularly true in the world of home renovations. A comprehensive survey accelerates the rest of the process, from design through installation. Accurate measurements and a detailed understanding of your needs allow us to hit the ground running, so to speak. This in-depth initial stage significantly reduces the number of adjustments and revisions down the line. For you, this means a quicker turnaround time, less disruption to your daily life, and the joy of seeing your dream kitchen come to life faster.

Value for Money

It’s easy to assume that a free home survey is merely a ‘nice-to-have,’ but this initial step can be a significant cost-saver in the long run. How? Accurate measurements eliminate the risk of ordering incorrect materials—saving both time and money. Our transparent, itemised cost estimates mean you can budget more effectively with no hidden surprises. Plus, a well-planned kitchen is a long-lasting kitchen.

Peace of Mind

Perhaps the most underrated benefit is the peace of mind you’ll experience. Knowing that we review every project at least twice by a team of seasoned professionals who have meticulously planned out your kitchen renovation, leaves no room for sleepless nights. From understanding how natural light will impact your cabinet colours to ensuring there’s enough space for your fridge door to swing open freely, we cover all bases. This comprehensive approach eliminates guesswork and offers you the peace of mind that your project is in expert hands.

In Conclusion

The importance of a thorough survey when planning your new kitchen shouldn’t be underestimated. Nicholas Hythe’s free survey is not just a cursory glance at your kitchen space. It’s a strategic, deeply personal first step in your journey to owning a dream kitchen that suits your lifestyle. It’s designed to provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing experts have thoroughly surveyed your space in order to provide comprehensive planning and advice


Don’t just settle for any free home survey but experience a service that adds tangible value from the outset. At Nicholas Hythe, Cambridgeshire’s only Trading Standards approved kitchen designers and installers, when we say our aim is to make the property renovation process as simple, efficient, safe and stress free for clients wanting to improve their family’s home, it starts with the initial home survey. So, when you’re ready, why not book an appointment with us, free and with no-obligation?

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