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To DIY or not to DIY your new kitchen

Chris Turnbull

To DIY or not to DIY your new kitchen

The Pros and Cons of whether to install your new kitchen  yourself or have your supplier do it

The installation of a fully functioning, beautiful new kitchen can be extremely complex and require a significant amount of planning, organising and coordination of the various tradespeople involved.  The biggest mistake some clients make is to underestimate the amount of time and work involved in remodelling their kitchen – and the cost financially and in stress levels of it not running smoothly!

Depending on the scale and work involved there can be, by our reckoning, as many as 12 different trades required to work on your kitchen to ensure it not only meets the design but, more importantly, that it’s safe and legally complies with all existing UK legislation and regulation.

So, how many can you think of?

Not only are there the obvious trades such as the kitchen and worktop fitters, gas engineer, electrician and plumber but, because they’re often part of larger projects, many kitchens also require tilers, plasterers, waste removal, flooring specialists, window glaziers and digital TV contractors (and I’ve probably missed a couple!)  And they all have to be reliable and coordinated in a chronological order: there’s no point in the skip turning up three days after your project’s started!

And that’s without the hassle of checking that the deliveries will be arriving on time and the multitude of other small jobs that have to be undertaken if your kitchen is to be finished on time and left looking as beautiful as the CAD design you were shown and agreed to.

At Nicholas Hythe we’re happy to provide kitchens on a supply-only basis but to those that we do we always advise clients of the amount of work and the complexity involved.

What sets us apart from many of our competitors is that our designers are also the project managers.  Whereas, with most of our competitors, once the sale has been made it’s handed over to the installation team – and that’s where many of the problems start!  Misinterpretation of the requirements, lack of communication, confusion between jobs – we’ve seen all the issues in our time and the unnecessary stress it creates for customers.

Your designer will be on-site regularly to project manage your installation and make sure it runs as smoothly as possible.   We also work closely with only trusted, reliable contractors who understand the importance at any given time of each element of the job.  This means all the tradespeople have respect for each other and do what’s needed at the right time to ensure the project is completed on time and to the standard both we and the client expect.

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