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Cambs' Neff 5* Master Partner

Chris Turnbull

Cambs' Neff 5* Master Partner

For many clients looking for a new kitchen quite often the most exciting part is choosing which appliances they’re going to have!  No longer is the choice as limited as it was back in the day (gas or electric, madam?!), now there’s a wealth from which to choose.

Yes, cookers (gas, electric are still available but being hugely outstripped by induction hobs because of their greater fuel efficiency and safety); and ovens are now usually encased in tall housings rather than under the hobs.  But our clients are also looking for appliances that meet their needs for healthier prepared foods such as steam ovens, save time and effort through heating quicker or need less cleaning, meet their lifestyle needs (for example, coffee machines), are reliable and look stylish – all the elements of what make a kitchen practical and designed uniquely for every client.

The latest appliance that has recently taken off is the flush fitting ceiling-mounted extractor fan, perfect for clients looking to achieve a stylish, minimalist look rather than the chimney hood style which can take up a lot of room.  We’re able to supply clients with many brands from which to choose depending on their wishes and the type of kitchen they’re having but the majority of appliances we provide are Neff, a highly respected brand from German manufacturer BSH Group.  Why?  For all the reasons we laid out above!

Neff has a scheme for retailers called ‘Master Partner’.  To become a Master Partner you have to undertake their training courses and demonstrate knowledge of the products and how they work.  The photos above show Paula and Kiran causing chaos at the latest training day Earlier in the year Neff granted us their prestigious 3* status, a level held by very few retailers nationally.  However, through having undertaken further training they now awarded us their top level 5* Master Partner status, a level only two Cambridgeshire retailers have attained.

What this means for our clients is an unrivalled knowledge of Neff appliances and which would be right for them.

So, if you’re looking for a new kitchen and wondering which appliances are right for you, why not pay us a visit and we’ll talk you through the options available and which are right for you?  Our large modern showroom in the heart of St Ives has many on display so that we can demonstrate their features and benefits to help you make the right choice for you.

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