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Compare our kitchen cabinets specifications

Chris Turnbull

Compare our kitchen cabinets specifications

Do it once but do it well

There are various levels of product quality to consider when you’re looking for a new kitchen. So, ‘do it once but do it well’ is a phrase never more apt when you’re installing a new one.  It’s a maxim we believe in, not just in our design ethos and  project managed installation service but also in the quality of the kitchens we supply, including worktops, appliances, sinks and taps, cabinets and doors. We therefore always invite clients to compare our kitchen cabinets specifications versus any other supplier they may be considering

We work only with suppliers able to supply the finest products for our fitted kitchens.  We’re continually reviewing our specifications of the materials we use to ensure they remain the highest quality and, as a result, are able to supply you with a custom built quality kitchen that will look, function and be able to stand up to the rigors of daily life many years after it was installed

Compare our kitchen cabinets specifications to the companies you’re considering

So confident are we in the kitchens we supply that we’re not afraid to provide our minimum specifications for you to compare against those supplied by any of our competitors:

  • All our cabinets are manufactured from 18mm Melamine Faced Chipboard for greater durability against wear and tear.  18mm is purposefully designed to last much longer than many of our competitors’ 15mm or less products.
  • Our cabinets are made of glued and dowelled construction at the factory for stronger joints and consistent quality. All units are supplied fully assembled so that the fitter isn’t wasting time building from flat pack or looking for missing components.  And if you’re having granite or another natural stone worktop its templating and installation will be quicker and easier as it won’t be affected by poorly assembled cabinets
  • All our cabinets, inside and out, are colour matched as close as possible to the finish of the doors you choose.  This means, for example, no white or cream interiors with wood-grained doors or unfinished looking end panels.
  • All our furniture is edged with 1mm thickness edging – more than twice as thick as many of our competitors.  This helps avoid chipping, thereby keeping your kitchen looking newly installed for longer.
  • Our cabinet backs and drawer bases are manufactured from the same 18mm thickness materials to match the quality of the rest of your cabinets.  Many companies supply less rigid and durable hardboard which affects the strength and integrity of the units, especially where heavy worktops are used
  • All our cabinets are supplied with clip on soft close steel hinges.  This allows you to easily remove the doors for cleaning without undoing screws and potentially misaligning them when putting them back on. All our drawers are fitted with soft-close drawer boxes and runners.
  • All our cabinets offer variable shelf height adjustment for three positions.  This means you can adjust them to suit your needs and not the needs of the mass produced product
  • We never use poor quality vinyl or timber within our doors.  All our timber doors are lacquered with UV protection against fading in sunlight and our PVC doors ­are PVC – not thin laminate ones which, over time, will be affected by heat from your oven and other appliances
  • All our cabinets are supplied with knock in door buffers which don’t lose their adhesion and fall off like the stick on ones often supplied
  • Our wall cabinets have concealed hanging brackets and caps to cover adjustment holes so that your kitchen never looks half-finished.
  • We hand check all our furniture on delivery to ensure it’s not damaged to ensure it’s pristine upon installation


At Nicholas Hythe, our aim is to make the property renovation process as simple, efficient, safe and stress free for clients wanting to improve their family’s home. So, if you’re inspired and ready to start the process of buying a new kitchen, start thinking about what it might look like and how you want to use it. Ask yourself, what do you need and want for it to function for you and your family?  If you need help on deciding what style to go for, check out kitchen designs that never go out of style. Advice and design ideas are also found all over the Web, including Nicholas Hythe kitchen pictures gallery, our entire picture library and customer reviews on Google, and many other sites such as PinterestHouzz. Or check out our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

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