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Does your chosen kitchen fitter actually fit kitchens?

Chris Turnbull

Does your chosen kitchen fitter actually fit kitchens?

The reality of Moben’s demise earlier this year – and the impact on the lives of so many kitchen fitters (and their families) that they used to employ – is now, for us, becoming a reality.  Over the past few weeks we’ve had several enquiries from fitters asking about any jobs we may have available.

For us, this is something of a double-edged sword.  On the one-hand it’s handy to have a ready-made network of fitters for busy times but, on the other, we have to be extremely careful about who we’re prepared to use.

And the first question we ask ourselves is whether any new fitters we’re considering actually fit kitchens for a living or whether they’re more of a jobbing chippy.

Because, as much as we can design clients a beautiful, practical new kitchen, the effect – and impact on our profitability and, more importantly, our reputation – is soon lost if it’s then fitted poorly.  For a client, whatever they’ve spent on their new kitchen, there will be nothing more disappointing or noticeable than, say, a worktop join that’s not entirely flat or an improperly applied piece of edging that may be sharp or unsightly.

Please don’t get us wrong, it’s not the fitters that caused Moben’s demise.  Indeed, we’ve seen examples of their work that looks great and we’d have no hesitation in employing many of them if our regular teams were unable to undertake an installation.  And, as part of another idea we’re working on, we’re also looking at ways in which we can help them set up on their own (more details to follow soon!)

But we’re nothing if not realists!  We also know that we can’t supply everybody in our trading areas with their new kitchen (much as we’d secretly love to!)  and that in many cases people looking for a new kitchen will often seek out friends or family members to install it.

But to avoid the disappointment of not getting that dream kitchen properly installed we always point them to the area on our website about the six things they should consider when choosing a kitchen fitter:

  • Look for fitters who only fit kitchens
  • Look for a friendly and professional service
  • Look for a fitter with quality recommendations
  • Make sure you are getting a safe kitchen
  • Make sure your fitter understands what you want
  • Choose a fitter that has the right attitude

The full report is downloadable for free from our website by clicking here  and it could be the best five minutes you spend before investing in your new kitchen!  You’ll also find more food for thought in our previous blogs Are you dying to save a few quid on your new kitchen? and To DIY or not your new kitchen.

Not all kitchen fitters are the same (trust us on this – we’ve done the hard work for you!) so whomever you decide to employ make sure they’ve got a great track record of kitchen fitting, otherwise it could be a mistake you’ll be reminded of every time you go into your kitchen.

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