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The Frustrations and Financial Pitfalls of Choosing the Wrong Kitchen Company

Chris Turnbull

The Frustrations and Financial Pitfalls of Choosing the Wrong Kitchen Company

When choosing a company to help you undertake modifications to your home, finding the right retailer to trust can be a daunting challenge. This was recently demonstrated to us by Mr. A. Initially, he had reached out to us for a design and quote but ultimately decided to go with a competitor, possibly due to a more tempting price tag. However, his experience – as demonstrated in his email to us looking for help to resolve the poor-quality fitting of worktops and tiles by his chosen company – serves as a reminder of the frustrations and financial pitfalls of choosing the wrong kitchen company.

The Quest for Perfection:

Mr. A‘s story begins with the dream of a perfect kitchen. Like many homeowners embarking on significant kitchen projects, for the considerable money he was spending he naturally expected nothing less than perfection from his chosen retailer. Unfortunately, this expectation was not met, and Mr. A experienced the frustrations of seeing his dream kitchen turn into a bit of a nightmare.

Quality Matters:

Firstly, Mr A had selected Duropal worktops. Duropal laminate worktops are known for their quality and durability, and are a worktop that we fit into our installations. However, as with all worktops, they need to be cut, trimmed, and edged perfectly as poorly installed worktops not only affect a kitchen’s aesthetics but also its long-term maintenance and durability. Mr. A‘s weren’t and his experience highlights the importance of having such high-quality materials installed by professionals who’ve installed them hundreds of times.

The Weight of Imperfect Tiles:

Beyond cabinets and countertops, the finishing touches, like tiles, play a crucial role in a kitchen’s overall look. In Mr. A‘s case, wonky (his word not ours) tile installations became a constant source of irritation and an eyesore. The frustrations stemming from having to live with such glaring imperfections daily is something he – or any homeowner – shouldn’t have to live with as it acts as a visible reminder of the less than perfect installation.

The Unforeseen Financial Burdens:

Such frustrations often go hand in hand with unexpected financial burdens. When issues arise during a kitchen installation, unforeseen repair costs will likely follow. Mr. A found himself contemplating additional expenses to rectify the problems. It’s worth noting that, as previously advised, paying the full cost upfront can leave homeowners with little leverage in getting necessary repairs done.

Expertise and a commitment to trading fairly:

Being Cambridgeshire’s only Trading Standards Approved kitchen designer and installer is a testament to our expertise and commitment to trading fairly. Choosing a kitchen installer with such accreditation means opting for a team that has undergone rigorous vetting and provide confidence that the frustrations and financial pitfalls of choosing the wrong kitchen company are minimised. Mr. A‘s choice of a supplier failed to meet these standards and serves as a stark illustration of the importance of considering expertise alongside cost.

Professional Guidance:

When Mr. A turned to Nicholas Hythe Kitchen Design Studio for advice about the issues he was having, we extended our assistance rather than merely pointing fingers. Our commitment to offering professional guidance, even to those who have chosen alternatives, was appreciated by Mr A.

Repercussions of Poor Choices:

Mr. A‘s experience stands as a cautionary tale. Opting for a kitchen installer without a proven track record can lead to frustration, additional financial expenses, and unsatisfactory results. It serves as a stark reminder that not all kitchen installation companies are equal in terms of quality and reliability.

The Power of Reputation:

Nicholas Hythe Kitchen Design Studio’s Trading Standards Approved status speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence. Our reputation matters to us, and it can provide homeowners with the confidence that they’ll end up with the kitchen of their dreams without the worry of a subpar end result. With us, our clients not only protect their investment but also ensure peace of mind throughout the entire process.

Investing in Peace of Mind:

In conclusion, Mr. A‘s unfortunate experience sheds light on the emotional and financial repercussions of selecting a kitchen installer that falls short of the standards upheld by Nicholas Hythe Kitchen Design Studio. When it comes to one’s dream kitchen, choosing wisely can make all the difference. Homeowners should avoid allowing their kitchen projects to become nightmares by opting for professionals who prioritise quality, reliability, and their peace of mind. Investing in a reputable and trusted kitchen installer like Nicholas Hythe is the key to avoiding the unfortunate experiences that others have faced.


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