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Nicholas Hythe Customer Experience – A Real Customer’s Thoughts

Chris Turnbull

Nicholas Hythe Customer Experience – A Real Customer’s Thoughts

We invited one of our recent delighted clients to write a blog article for us about their Nicholas Hythe customer experience. And, below, is what they provided:’A Real Customer’s Thoughts on Nicholas Hythe Kitchen Design Studio’. We promise that the only way it’s been edited is to add the links to other articles and the final ‘Inspired’ paragraph, otherwise it’s all in their own words:

Why the Right Choice Mattered

When it came to renovating our kitchen, we knew the stakes were high. This wasn’t just a cosmetic makeover; it was walls down and creating a space that would serve as the heart of our home for years to come. We chose Nicholas Hythe Kitchen Design Studio for the project, and here’s a look back at why that decision proved to be invaluable.

A Design Process That Respected My Vision – and Budget!

My husband and I live in an older house (1950s) with a small kitchen and slightly larger separate dining room. This, we knew, would present challenges for the design and installation, so our search was predicated on who had the necessary vision and expertise to deliver the kitchen we wanted. Our mind was really made up when Scott came to do the survey – it was so thorough! Not only did they do the requisite measurements, but they really sought to understand what we wanted.

Additionally, which we weren’t expecting, the potential sites of asbestos were identified as was the likely need for a new fuse board.  Whilst these would add to the cost, we knew they had to be fixed for the long term.

When it came to the design, Scott didn’t try to impose a one-size-fits-all solution. He’d listened to our ideas, was honest about what could be achieved and then suggested a couple of design choices. The end result was to be a kitchen that was uniquely ours!

A Lesson in Transparency and Ongoing Communication

Throughout the project, the entire team were open and honest. For example, each cost was itemised, and the timeline was laid out explicitly from the start. Once the project had started, we were kept in the loop throughout, ensuring that there were no unpleasant surprises or our being left in the dark.

Overcoming Hurdles

No significant project is entirely without its challenges, and ours was no exception. An issue arose with the initial sink we’d chosen; its quality just wasn’t up to what we wanted. Their project manager, Jim, acknowledged the problem right away. Nicholas Hythe presented alternative solutions and promptly replaced the sink, managing to keep the overall project on schedule. This hiccup left us more impressed with their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Installation That Left us Impressed

Once the kitchen was completed, the quality was immediately apparent. From the custom cabinetry to the hinges, every aspect revealed a real attention to detail. There were, of course, minor snagging issues but these were dealt with promptly and without fuss.

Trading Standards Approved

We didn’t know Nicholas Hythe is the only Trading Standards Approved kitchen design and installation studio in Cambridgeshire. Whilst we weren’t specifically looking for a Trading Standards approved company, it was reassuring that they were. And, knowing we could go to Trading Standards if there was a problem, really helped make our minds up. This wasn’t merely a title; it reflected their unwavering commitment to quality and trading integrity. That badge provided an immediate level of trust, eliminating many usual renovation jitters right off the bat.

Fab Aftercare

Even after the project was done, they made it clear that the job wasn’t complete until we were fully satisfied. Their aftercare service was more than just a cursory follow-up. They were willing to make adjustments and tweaks to ensure we were properly delighted with the end result.

Our Reflections on the Experience

Looking back, choosing Nicholas Hythe Kitchen Design Studio turned out to be one of the best decisions we made. They didn’t just deliver a service; they were partners in creating and delivering our dream kitchen. From design to installation to aftercare, they exceeded our every expectation.

So, if you find yourself in a similar position, considering a kitchen renovation or a complete overhaul, we would wholeheartedly recommend Nicholas Hythe. They offer a blend of professional expertise, quality work, and great service that’s hard to find elsewhere. The Nicholas Hythe Customer Experience was just outstanding


If you’re considering transforming your kitchen into a functional and beautiful space, consider partnering with Nicholas Hythe Kitchens. Our team embodies the qualities of great kitchen designers, ensuring your dream kitchen becomes a reality. At Nicholas Hythe, Cambridgeshire’s only Trading Standards approved kitchen designers and installersour aim is to make the property renovation process as simple, efficient, safe and stress free for clients wanting to improve their family’s home. THat’s what we call the Nicholas Hythe Customer Experience! So, when you’re ready, why not book an appointment with us, free and with no-obligation?