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Is your kitchen ready for future lockdowns?

Chris Turnbull

Is your kitchen ready for future lockdowns?

Is your kitchen feeling the pressure of the Coronavirus lockdown?

Is your kitchen ready for future lockdowns? Families forced to live in reduced personal space is putting pressure on many homes – and particularly – kitchens. And, because nobody really knows how long the restrictions will last, pressures on the family home will be greater if extended families choose to lockdown together. Some families are already considering this as we continue to receive inquiries about how we can help.

Using technology to communicate

But there’s only so much of an interaction you can have over a telephone.

So, firstly, we’ve updated our enquiry form with the option for a video conferencing appointment.  This allows you to select your preferred application whether it’s WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom or Skype (or any other you use).

Your free, no-obligation, time-to-suit-you video appointment offers the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.  You’ll have questions about your kitchen project such as discussing your options, plans, timescales and others.  If your project involves building or other trades we can even dial in yours or our recommended partners

And, if you want to send us to take a virtual look of your room using a video you’ve shot or have photos, other videos, web images or any other design inspiration that you’d like us to see, you can use the free WeTransfer file sharing link to send them to us securely beforehand


So, if we’ve inspired you, start thinking about what your ideal new kitchen might look like.  After the question ‘is your kitchen ready for future lockdowns?’, ask yourself, what do you need and want for it to function for you and your family? Then see the other questions you should be asking yourself and start looking for inspiration.  Advice and design ideas are found all over the Web, including Nicholas Hythe, Pinterest, Houzz and many others. And, when you’re ready, feel free to book a virtual appointment with us.

Restricted on movement we may be, but we’re still ready and willing to help you have that kitchen you’ve always wanted and now, perhaps, need!  Send us your appointment request here