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Open for business – our customer commitment

Chris Turnbull

Open for business – our customer commitment

Update – 4th March 2021

In line with the Government’s recently published guidance regarding the reopening of non essential retailers in England it is our intention to reopen our showroom to clients on the 12th April. We continue to recognise that, despite the numbers of people receiving their vaccination, the pandemic is not yet over and will continue to implement the safety protocols introduced and updated as a result of the previous lockdowns.  This includes limiting the number of visitors into the showroom as any one time to a maximum of two families and on a strict ‘by appointment only’ basis

Update – 24th December 2020

With Cambridgeshire having been added to the list of areas covered by the Government’s Covid-19 tier 4 legislation, we are now required to close our showroom until restrictions are eased. The legislation allows for tradespeople to work in other people’s homes and Cambridgeshire Trading Standards has confirmed it would be permissible to enter the home to measure up but that any subsequent discussions must take place remotely (for example, by video conference).

For the many clients of ours who have work underway currently, the guidelines confirm that installations can continue to do so, providing we follow the safer (COVID-19 secure) working rules – which we have done since the beginning of the pandemic – so your project will continue as planned unless we advise otherwise.

Update – 17th November 2020

The Government has updated its list of retail businesses that must close which specifically now includes “showrooms open to the public for products used in homes, including bathrooms, kitchens and glazing”. Whilst our doors have remained shut during lockdown, we have remained open for business on a strict pre-booked by appointment only basis, we will now be unable to meet clients in the showroom until lockdown restrictions are eased, currently planned for the 2nd December.  The new guidance does allow for premises to be “accessed by the site owners or managers, staff or people authorised by them for the purpose of maintenance, repairs or other work to ensure readiness to reopen at the point where this is permitted” so whilst employees may be present they won’t be able to meet with customers

For the many clients of ours who have work underway currently, the guidelines confirm that installation can continue to do so, providing they follow the safer (COVID-19 secure) working rules so your project will continue as planned unless we advise otherwise.

Update – 6th November 2020

The government has updated its guidance regarding the businesses and venues which are permitted, providing they follow COVID-19 Secure guidelines, to remain open for business during the current England-wide lockdown restrictions.  These businesses include ‘essential retail such as food shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, garden centres, hardware stores, building merchants and off-licences’.  During the previous lockdown, Cambridgeshire Trading Standards confirmed in an email to us that ‘…it is understood by this authority [that] businesses selling moveable or fixed items for the home may open, subject to the government guidance on operating businesses’ (that is, being COVID-19 secure)

However, we recognise that we all have a part to play in supressing the transmission of the virus.  As a result, the showroom will remain closed until the restrictions are eased, opening only on a strict pre-booked ‘by appointment only’ basis.  Should you wish to book an appointment to meet with one of our team to discuss a new or existing project, please call 01480 468598 and select option 1 when prompted or email us at or use our contact us form

28th October 2020

In line with our previous COVID-19 safety measures blogs and the Government’s recently launched three tier COVID-19 alert system to help stem the rise of the virus, we wanted to provide an update to clients.  Should any of our clients be placed under restrictions we wanted to reassure clients of the plans we have in place and the actions we’re already taking to minimise the impact of any COVID-19 delays upon your kitchen installation should the ban on people from different households mixing indoors specifically include tradespeople

What we will do in the event of a local lockdown

We plan to remain open for business.  During the national lockdown earlier this year, our contractors were deemed essential and continued to work throughout or for as long as we and they could maintain supplies.The Directors of Nicholas Hythe also worked – from home – throughout lockdown in order to provide a point of contact, coordinate works and to keep clients updated about their project.

In the event of a local tier 2 or 3 lockdown being imposed that restricts tradespeople visiting customers’ homes – something that’s not happening in any tier currently – we will, as we did during the national lockdown, do our very best to ensure that you’re not left without functioning necessities for the period involved.  This would include ensuring clients had running hot and cold water, refrigeration, temporary worktops and a means by which to cook meals.

COVID-19 related delays

Many of our suppliers remain open for business – both here and abroad – but are based in areas already under local restrictions. This is causing significant impact on them and their ability to manufacture their products at full capacity.  We are currently placing orders well ahead of when we would normally do so to try and ensure they are delivered prior to when they’re required for installation.

In the event of any COVID-19 delays we will let you know as soon as possible and, if we feel necessary, suggest alternative products of the same or better standard that are available so that your installation isn’t delayed longer than necessary.  To minimise any potential delays to your project we would ask that you confirm your final requirements with your designer as early as possible to allow us to place orders that will seek to minimise any supplier-related delays

Whilst such delays are outside of our control we genuinely appreciate the frustration any such delay would cause, and would like to reassure you that we are working hard with our suppliers to minimise any delays and ensure your installation is fulfilled within the timescales we have provided

We hope everybody stays well and remains uninfected/unaffected and we thank you for your support and understanding during these extraordinary times