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So, what does make Nicholas Hythe Kitchen Design Studio different?

Chris Turnbull

So, what does make Nicholas Hythe Kitchen Design Studio different?

In a competitive market such as the new fitted kitchens one in which we operate, there’s one question asked by virtually every potential client.  It can be asked outright or very subtly but the pretext is the same: “why should we use Nicholas Hythe Kitchen Design Studio?”

And it’s a good question because each time it’s asked we’re reminded that we’re only as good as the previous jobs we’ve undertaken for clients.

With so many kitchen companies looking for business, no doubt all doing a job they love and are presumably good at, being successful in these difficult times means we have to bring something else to the proverbial party to win new clients.

For us, it’s about truly meeting a client’s wishes to leave them with a product that they’re truly delighted with.  It sounds easy but can, in practice, be challenging especially if the design changes during installation!

But we believe this goes with the territory and isn’t unreasonable given, whatever their budget is, it’ll be a significant amount of money being entrusted to us.  We truly believe our clients have a right to be demanding and to expect the very best service from everyone employed by us and is one of the primary differences between Nicholas Hythe and its competitors.

Getting this message across effectively can be the difference between us winning and losing a job but it can be difficult to do so without sounding arrogant, insincere or boastful.

So when we had the testimonial below from a job we’ve just finished, from a client who, by her own admission, has been demanding throughout (although we’ve had more challenging ones I promise you!) I felt it neatly summed up what we’re trying to achieve for our customers and why they should feel confident about placing their trust in us:

“The best kitchen company – first class service.  I was a fussy customer and they listened to what I wanted and designed a kitchen to fit to my requirements. If I did not like a fitting they changed it immediately. Kept to the budget and timescale. Friendly, hard working trustworthy workforce went out of the way to sort all my problems. More than value for money.  I will recommend them to anyone looking to install a new kitchen.”   Mrs Rupasinghe

We try never to forget that achieving that perfect new fitted kitchen is a dream for many customers and may be the culmination of a lot of years of saving their hard-earned money in order to pay for it.

That they trust us to deliver on those dreams is humbling.  And to receive an unsolicited thank you in the vein of the one above made our week!

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