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The importance of trust in deciding who to buy your new kitchen from

Chris Turnbull

The importance of trust in deciding who to buy your new kitchen from

“To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved” ― George MacDonald (Scottish author and poet)

Let’s face it, the kitchen industry doesn’t have the greatest reputation!  People looking to invest in their home are naturally wary of who they’re dealing with and who they can trust to deliver a job well done – Bill, Paula and I are the same in our own lives!

Being rather modest people who are also long enough in the tooth to have developed a healthy degree of cynicism when it comes to believing what we read, and would rather take satisfaction in a job well done, we’ve taken some persuading that adding a review section to our fitted kitchens website wouldn’t appear rather gauche or self-congratulatory.

But, having re-read some of the heartfelt reviews of thanks that we’ve received from clients, we have, with their permission, paraphrased and uploaded just a few reviews that we’ve received over the past few months.

Not just because we hope it’ll increase leads from potential clients (although we hope it does, obviously!) but because we know how difficult it can be choosing a company with which to invest your hard-earned cash in something as daunting as a new, fitted kitchen.  And reviews from previous clients somehow demonstrate a level of trust that’s otherwise difficult to convey through a website!

But we were adamant that we didn’t want the review section to appear disingenuous, where only the very best reviews go up.  Although we’ve uploaded the first few to get started (and you’re welcome to read the original copies at our showroom in St. Ives near Huntingdon), we’ve decided to allow clients to rate and upload their own reviews.

The only condition we’ve stated is that all reviewers be honest in the opinions they contribute (good or bad), and that we will moderate only for language or content that we deem may offend readers.  Other than these we promise that clients are free to write what they want about any aspect of our products, service and employees.

Only by allowing genuine clients to write their thoughts, whether they love us or whether we didn’t quite meet their expectations, we want potential clients to believe the reviews they’re reading are honest and genuine and have full traceability if they want proof of authorship.

And that, ultimately, they believe they can trust us with the project that many would consider the largest, most important renovation project they’re ever going to make in their home.

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