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Would you buy 'Terry and June' kitchen cabinets?

Chris Turnbull

Would you buy 'Terry and June' kitchen cabinets?

The case for the much misunderstood kitchen cabinet.

In today’s straitened economic times where cost versus a customer’s budget is often the deal maker or breaker, a question we’re often asked by clients is whether they really need the quality of cabinet that we use, namely 18mm Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) all the way round?

It’s a fair question – particularly as the cabinets are perceived to be ‘hidden’ by the worktops and doors.

But, in reality, the cabinets are the foundation of your new kitchen.  And, like any foundations, they need to be solid in order to support the rest of your structure.  Low quality, flat pack cabinets impact the design and quality throughout their construction.  To accommodate this mass produced product, design is compromised often leading to the sub-optimal use of your space, the use of large filler panels and a wobbly finish reminiscent of a 1970s sitcom stage set (Terry and June anyone?) caused by non-factory constructed joints and cheap, hardboard backs and drawer bases.

And then fitters look to put heavyweight doors and worktops on, which the cabinets weren’t designed to support!

In a relatively short space of time, this poor quality construction is soon affected by the day-to-day rigours you put your kitchen through including heat and moisture generated from ovens, kettles, washing machines and dishwashers.  We often hear stories where a ‘low cost’ new kitchen was installed only three or so years previously and clients having to redesign again due to warping and joints and runners wearing out.

There are a number of elements of your kitchen that a good designer will ask you to decide upon if budget is an issue but compromising on your cabinets should never be one of them.

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