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Navigating Today’s Kitchen Renovation Challenges

Chris Turnbull

Navigating Today’s Kitchen Renovation Challenges

UK homeowners are currently navigating today’s kitchen renovation challenges. A recent Houzz survey has shone a light on the state of home improvements during the current economic instability. With a few homeowners putting their renovation dreams on hold, let’s examine the challenges being faced.

Applying the Brakes on Renovation Plans

The hesitation to proceed with renovation plans is underpinned by clear-cut issues. Budgets are stretched, and as the economy takes us for a ride, homeowners are understandably gripping their wallets and purses tighter. At it’s height inflation was causing prices to rise across the board, complicating homeowners’ planning processes as costs can shift unexpectedly.Whilst inflation isn’t so rampant now, higher costs are here to stay but the good new is designers like us always have ways to help you mitigate them.

Many homeowners aren’t in a hurry, either. If their current kitchen is serviceable, they might choose to delay, hoping for the economic situation to improve (unliklely for the forseeable future). Despite these challenges, the desire to enhance and refresh their living spaces hasn’t waned—it’s just a question of when they can afford to take on the work.

Opting for Renovation over Relocation

Despite the hurdles, there’s a prevailing trend of favouring renovations rather than moving home. Almost a quarter of those surveyed believe that it’s more economically sensible to invest in their current property than to bear the cost of relocating. Considering the potential expenses associated with moving—which can be up to 5% of the property value for homes under £925,000—many, understandably, see staying put as the better option. £20,000 spent on enhancing a £400,000 property could significantly transform a kitchen, prompting many to choose renovation over the uncertainties of moving.

Frequent Kitchen Renovation Hiccups

The Houzz survey also highlights several common stumbling blocks:

  • Sourcing Professionals:Many homeowners report difficulties in finding reliable tradespeople for their projects. Skilled help is not easy to come by. We use the same trusted contractors on all our projects meaning you can rest assured that you’re getting highly experienced, qualified and licensed professionals undertaking the work
  • Acquiring Materials: Although lessening, supply chain issues continue to affect the availability of materials (particularly appliances), making it more challenging to procure the essentials for a kitchen upgrade. We have direct relationships with all our key suppliers and as a Nff 5* master partner, are provided with priority of availability over other companies who haven’t achieved this status
  • Budget Overruns: Financial concerns loom large, with a substantial number of homeowners spending beyond their initial budgets. Keeping costs under control and having a fully-costed quote is essential. We provide a fixed, guaranteed detailed quote that lasts for 30 days. No estimates or ‘TBCs’, just a price that means you know exactly what you’ll pay

Other challenges mentioned include envisioning the completed kitchen and understanding the renovation process. Naturally, securing the necessary funds to commence the work presents its own set of difficulties.

The Wider Economic Context

Despite fiscal constraints, the ambition to revitalise kitchens endures. Inflation and fluctuating interest rates cause homeowners to carefully consider the timing and extent of renovations. With a decline in people moving to new houses, the focus has turned to enhancing and maintaining existing properties.

Maintaining Steadiness Amid Renovation Projects

Homeowners are confronting these issues with shrewdness and strategy. Some are progressing with their home renovation projects in stages, addressing one aspect at a time. Others are forging strong relationships with reputable professionals who can navigate through the complexities. And many are approaching budgeting with greater vigilance—when funds are limited, careful planning is paramount.


While UK homeowners are grappling with economic constraints, the aspiration to attain a renovated kitchen that aligns with their personal vision and requirements is potent. Issues such as budgeting, material sourcing, and enlisting the right team form the current renovation landscape. Nonetheless, homeowners are adapting and persevering with their plans. The enduring aim remains to transform their existing house into the home they’ve envisioned.

In the end, it’s about UK homeowners rolling with the punches, getting creative with their resources, and keeping their eyes on the prize—a bespoke kitchen that feels uniquely theirs, no matter the economic backdrop.


At Nicholas Hythe, Cambridgeshire’s only Trading Standards approved kitchen designers and installerswe’re well used to helping clients make the decision that’s right for them while still making the refurbishment process as simple, efficient, safe and stress-free as possible. If you’re navigating today’s kitchen renovation challenges, let us help and guide you and when you’re ready, why not book an appointment with us, free and with no-obligation?