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In this article, ‘Hidden Perils: Why Dry Screed and Plaster Are Non-Negotiable in Kitchen Renovations’, we explain why we firmly believe in not compromising on quality and safety for the sake of speed, especially when it comes to this essential phase of kitchen renovation. The importance of allowing screed and plaster to fully cure cannot… read more

Navigating The Aftermath Of Home Flooding

With the recent incessant rain raising stream and river levels, at Nicholas Hythe Kitchen Design Studio, we’ve seen an increase in homeowners seeking help in navigating the aftermath of home flooding and the road to restoration. The initial impact of such flooding is profound, particularly when it comes to kitchens, the heart of a home…. read more

Is Self-Managing Your Kitchen Installation Worth the Hassle?

Are you contemplating self-managing your kitchen installation project? While it might appear to be a cost-effective and DIY-oriented approach, it’s important to consider the substantial disadvantages involved. In this article, we ask the question ‘Is Self-Managing Your Kitchen Installation Worth the Hassle?’. We’ll delve into the pitfalls of self-managing a kitchen installation and explore the… read more

Your Guide to Navigating the Kitchen January Sales Successfully

Welcome to our ‘Your Guide to Navigating the Kitchen January Sales Successfully’. As the January Sales season approaches, many retailers are readying to launch promotions for their kitchen sales. Advertisements are rife with enticing offers like ‘Free items,’ ‘Reduced prices,’ and Free fitting’. However, as alluring as these headline prices may appear, they often represent… read more

Today Home or Forever Home: Creating The Right Kitchen

Embarking on the journey of planning a kitchen in either a ‘Today Home’ or a ‘Forever Home’ creating the right kitchen presents a unique set of considerations and choices. At Nicholas Hythe Kitchen Design Studio, we excel in creating bespoke kitchens that perfectly cater to your current lifestyle, whether you’re setting up in a temporary… read more

The Importance of Guarantees in Kitchen Design and Installation

As a director of Nicholas Hythe Kitchen Design Studio, I’ve seen firsthand the role warranties play in the kitchen design and installation industry. Our commitment to excellence not only shines through in the quality of our designs and installations but also in the assurances we provide our clients. In response to a few customers citing… read more

The Importance of Comparing Kitchen Quotes Thoroughly

Embarking on a home renovation journey, especially when it involves a key area like your kitchen, is an exciting venture. However, amidst this excitement, it’s crucial not to lose sight of the practical aspects, particularly the intricacies of your project’s quotes. While budget is a significant driver in decision-making, other vital components of quotes often… read more

The ‘Two Dishwasher’ Trend in Modern Kitchens

The ‘Two Dishwasher’ trend in modern kitchens is quickly becoming less unusual in modern kitchen design, particularly among larger families with the space and budget for this upgrade. Our experience at Nicholas Hythe Kitchen Design Studio underscores the growing popularity of this trend. Why Two Dishwashers? The rationale is simple and obvious when you think… read more

Navigating Today’s Kitchen Renovation Challenges

UK homeowners are currently navigating today’s kitchen renovation challenges. A recent Houzz survey has shone a light on the state of home improvements during the current economic instability. With a few homeowners putting their renovation dreams on hold, let’s examine the challenges being faced. Applying the Brakes on Renovation Plans The hesitation to proceed with… read more

The Frustrations and Financial Pitfalls of Choosing the Wrong Kitchen Company

When choosing a company to help you undertake modifications to your home, finding the right retailer to trust can be a daunting challenge. This was recently demonstrated to us by Mr. A. Initially, he had reached out to us for a design and quote but ultimately decided to go with a competitor, possibly due to… read more